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Cathy DennisTom Foolery was conceived through my love of jewellery and years of constant searching for pieces that stood out from the ordinary. Many of us are looking for that niche in life that inspires us, and Tom Foolery absolutely gives me that buzz. I have HUGE fun seeking out interesting, practical and achievable jewellery, mainly from non-mainstream designers, and the ranges change constantly. After all, you donít want everyone to be wearing the gorgeous piece of jewellery you have found with Tom Foolery!

Tom Foolery jewellery conforms to British Standards and is nickel free. Take care of your piece of jewellery, avoid allowing sprays, perfume, creams etc to come into contact with your jewellery, wipe with a soft cloth after use to remove any acids etc that may have transferred from the skin. A silver polishing cloth is the best method to keep your silver shiny (you can get them from John Lewis). Anything elasticated does not like to be worn when doing the washing up, a good reason not to! Wired necklaces like to be either hung up, or curled into a circle when stored to avoid kinking the wire.

Measurements for necklaces are, quirkily, still in inches!

Oh, and the name Tom Foolery comes from rhyming slang for jewellery!

Cathy Hudson